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I can't find any other way to contact you.

If so, thank you for all your SPN reviews! They were such a huge help to me as I was catching up on Season 12. Real life imploded on me last year, and I FINALLY finished. 
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Tommy Robinson is a one man army, doing the work the rest of his besieged country will not do.

I have the utmost respect for him.

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This was beyond horrifying! Robert has such a wicked sense of humor that I thought he was joking or using it as a metaphor of some kind. I became more horrified with each line.

Dear God, this is what we've come to in the world in our enlightened year of 2017. There is now literally attempted murder on those who dare speak the truth about Islam. Or about anything, really.

Icelandic Leftist poisons Robert Spencer

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I just donated $5.00. It's all I can do right now. Here is their website, if you feel so inclined:

Heroes and Horses

They have a horse adoption program! Guess which one I would like to do, if I only could? Take a wild guess!

This YETI channel has incredible videos!

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I love this annoying little man!

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He breaks my heart.

I'm wondering if it's time he and his family just left the UK and came to America. I'm not sure there's much hope for Europe as a whole anymore. The battle is relentless. If you think the liberals in America are bad, in Europe it seems they COMPLETELY own the culture, much more so than even in America. They are destroying anyone and everyone who will not bow to the gods of Political Correctness, especially when it comes to speaking the truth about the death cult of Islam.

Pray for his strength and for his  family. He's out on bail now, but it's far from over.

They will not rest until they destroy his family and completely break him. I don't know how much more one man can stand.

ETA:  My stupid browser decided to freeze and I had to reboot as I was typing this. You can also donate to his legal defense. We so often feel we can't do much to change things. Here's something tangible, practical, useful that you can do. I work barely part time and I still donated $5.00.

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Someone made a new community at DW that I thought might be of interest to members here:
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If you're tired of all the craziness and depressing stories we see 24/7, here's a change of pace. The channel is Great Big Story. They're all about storytelling, and offer wonderful glimpses of interesting/inspiring people.

There are amazing, talented people in the world, doing creative, incredible things. You just need to find them!

Check out this young guy. His work is amazing!

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This is the best thing in the history of existence! THOSE COMMENTS!

Not work safe, child safe, sanity safe or anything else. 

Seriously, people when I first heard about this Bill Nye video I thought it had to be a prank, a joke. Then I learned it was not. I couldn't even get through the entire video, it was so bad. And not even bad as in obscene. (Though, it is that.) But this is not even remotely funny or entertaining! It's just awful! It's poorly performed, poorly written and SO EMBARRASSINGLY bad, beyond anything I've ever seen! It's not even funny in that, "Let's make fun of it" sort of way. 

It's the sort of thing that makes you want to rip out your own eyeballs and flush them down the toilet.

I'm sure even some people who may agree with Nye's views are saying the same thing! (Hey, I guess it's bringing people together? Gotta find that silver lining, right?) 

This response video makes it almost all worthwhile! Almost....

You're welcome!

The World Reacts to Billy Nye "Sex Junk"

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I'm really enjoying this girl's videos. She needs more subscribers and views!.I cannot even imagine how much filth is spewed at her from all angles.

Watch, like, subscribe and most importantly, pass it on!

Black Women's Defence League Saves the Day

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I have about $2 in the bank right now, so I can't give. The best I can do is share this video!

David Wood's boys are raising funds for cancer research. If you know David's name, you know the great work he's doing in raising awareness about Islam. 

Please help out his kids if you can!

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I nearly shouted out loud when I got the email notification! There's a new (?) site called where you can find all eps for free! There's a bunch of other shows too, including Almost Human and Fringe, which were the most well known that I happened see. It's a long list.

Anyway, it looks to be 1) free and 2) legal! 

I've been singing the praises of this show for years! Your life is not complete without it. Now you have no excuse.

Listen to Ivanova, and DO IT!

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I am linking to this very useful post in an effort to get more activity going on DW. (As well as more converts from that other place.)

DreamWidth Starter Kit
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As soon as I'm able, I'm giving what I can. Please do the same and pass it on!

Copied and pasted from YouTube:

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media has generously offered to organize a crowdfunding venture aimed at supporting my research, which was recently denied funding by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. I had proposed to continue my research into:

(1) the measurement and analysis of personality and political belief;
(2) the potential utility of writing programs such as those available at for improving the academic achievement and quality of life of high school students.

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The more I learn about and hear from Dr. Jordan Peterson, the more I like and respect him. Here he is with another man I greatly respect and like, Jamie Glazov.

This is a fantastic interview and discussion. I was going to say, wow, it would be great to sit down to dinner with these two and have a discussion about Life, the Universe and Everything for hours on end.

But then I realized... they are way too smart for me! I'd feel on the level of a 5 year old having a discussion with adults about world events!

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This is fantastic! Share it with everyone you know!

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I swear, these liberals/ have truly lost their minds.

And they are dangerous. Know that.

Liberals Complain 'AR-15 Home Defense is Unfair' | Louder With Crowder

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For the life of me, I don't understand this Mike Pence manufactured controversy. He won't dine alone with women other than his wife. And to liberals, for some reason I cannot fathom, this is a horrible thing. 

Why is this a news story at all?! If I had just heard it mentioned in passing, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. I've known men who also had similar standards. It's just  wise. How much more wise is such a practice for someone in high political position/in the public spotlight, where rumors abound anyway and where any number of people would love to destroy you? 

But because of these insane liberals, it's all over the news. Who cares?! What's the big deal? It boggles my mind! These are the same people who, to this day, still defend the serial adulterer and rapist, Bill Clinton! 


Mar. 29th, 2017 12:38 pm
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Pass this on to everyone you know!

Andrew Klavan - What Is Socialism?


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