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I recently saw this article that trashed Mitt Romney and the Republicans' "family values" platform and said that it's invalid because the author's parents just happened to be abusive, unfit monsters.

I see this argument peddled out ALL THE TIME when the subjects of gay marriage and "traditional family values" come up and it just drives me up the wall! NOBODY on the right is claiming that ALL heterosexual married couples are inherently better suited to raise kids than ANY single mom or gay couple. And, if given the choice between handing an orphan off to Neil Patrick Harris or Phillip & Nancy Garrido, no right winger would ever choose to give the child to the crazy rapists just because they're straight and married.

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This interview is a few years old. But I think it's worth posting here because the host embodies every stereotype we righties associate with smug, liberal douchebags. Seriously, he's so over the top he comes across like a right wing Colbert!

A recent post here got me thinking of a brave, amazing, and all around kick-ass lady named Ayaan Hirsi Ali. If you don't know who she is, this interview is a really good introduction to her and why she is one of the coolest people who will ever exist ever.

EDIT: The video doesn't seem to want to embed here. So here's the direct link to the interview on YouTube.

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I read While Europe Slept as few years ago and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone here. Mainly because it's a good, well-written book about the threat of radical Islam in the west. But also because it provides hope that even the most ardent, kool-aid drinking liberal can see the light and join us in the good fight against the forces out to annihilate us.

While Europe Slept is Bruce Bawer's autobiographical account of his immigration to Norway in the late 1990s. Bawer is a gay American journalist. And he decided to move to Norway back then because he felt that Europe would be a more tolerant and safe environment for him as a gay man than the United States (a place that he felt was controlled by homophobic Christians out to oppress him).
.....and then he learned the hard way that he was totally wrong.

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As cliché as this sounds; this book made me feel proud to be and American. Please go check it out!
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A friend of mine pointed me to this article. It's Entertainment Weekly's review of Pixar's Brave. Well, it's not a "review" so much as a manifesto declaring that the main character is a lesbian because....she refused an arranged marriage and disliked wearing gowns that limited her mobility.
I think it's pretty telling that films starring single females who remain single for the entire film are so rare that, the moment a big studio makes one, everyone (including paid professional reviewers) goes nuts and assumes the girl MUST be gay or sexually confused or whatever.

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Pursuant to the transgender appointee discussion. The point missed by those uneducated (comparatively GOT by the FB community) is the problem w/ a seeming mandatory/quota system. To those who say prove who was passed over, give it a few days and a few bloggers to ferret out interviews on the ground. I sincerely doubt there WEREN'T others who were JUST as qualified if not moreso than the appointed person.

And on another note, at *least* a 'white male' can still be appointed by this administration in these times, beyond the token 'insurance' of Joe Biden!
Hopwood v. Texas (1996)

In 1992, plaintiff Cheryl Hopwood, a White American woman, was denied admission to the School of Law despite being better qualified than many admitted minority candidates. Texas Monthly editor Paul Burka later described Hopwood as "the perfect plaintiff to question the fairness of reverse discrimination" because of her academic credentials and personal hardships which she had endured (including a young daughter suffering from a muscular disease).[3]

The case of Hopwood v. Texas (1996) was the first successful legal challenge to affirmative action in student admissions since Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978) ruled quotas were unconstitutional. The 5th Circuit ruled that the school "may not use race as a factor in deciding which applicants to admit in order to achieve a diverse student body, to combat the perceived effects of a hostile environment at the law school, to alleviate the law school's poor reputation in the minority community, or to eliminate any present effects of past discrimination by actors other than the law school."[

Source - general Wikipedia

UT has thereafter revised the entire admittance system to include essays, personal achievements and other criteria beyond merely grades to constitute admittance. (personal source and the previous Alum website as I am a Texas Ex.)


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