Mar. 4th, 2017

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Good grief, aren't there any coffee shops in the world that DON'T push politics or social issues at you all the time?! If there was at least equal time given to liberal AND conservative causes, that would be tolerable. (As long as it was not too obnoxious/in your face.) But no. It's ALWAYS leftist causes! I gave up on Starbucks because they are so openly leftist. I found another place that I really loved, only to see a tip jar for the ACLU and one of the employees telling a customer something about "fighting hate". I wasn't close enough to hear the whole thing, and it was obviously not a spot where I could jump into the discussion. I wrote them a polite email (which they ignored) and haven't been back.

I just want a good cup of coffee or tea and a quiet place to read! Is that too much to ask? 

And why do these companies always assume all their customers think just like they do on every topic? The arrogance of that attitude is what gets me! It's like they can't even conceive of the possibility that not everyone who walks through their door 1) agrees with them or 2) even WANTS to deal with that in a coffee shop. 

Sometimes, even if you agree with a cause, you need time away. Sometimes you just want a cup of freaking coffee!
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We'll see if this review goes through on Amazon. But I'll just post this here as a warning to other parents or caregivers of children.

Yes, it was posted.

It's my review of a children's book called, How to Be a Hero Hardcover by Florence Parry Heide:

I'm a nanny and I'm always looking for books for my kids. I read this in a bookstore today and was so surprised and disappointed.


It was a promising start. Gideon is a little boy who admires heroes and wants to be one. But the lesson taught here is that heroes don't have to really do anything to earn that title. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.

The worst part is the last portion. He's in the grocery store and a woman holding a baby slips on an apple or something and the baby goes flying. Another person catches the baby. She's the real hero here! But the focus is still on Gideon. He does not see the almost accident or the other person saving the baby. Instead, the focus is on the fact that he wins a prize for being the XYZ number customer! So the person who actually DID something heroic (though I think that simply doing the right thing is not necessarily "heroic") gets zero credit and he's the hero, simply by chance.

What an awful lesson to teach kids. Not only does it not inspire a child to excel and strive to be a better person, but it also takes away from those who do aspire and strive to be better! Not only is heroism just a matter of being in the right place at the right time, but even if you DO something heroic like catching a falling baby, no one will care. Even worse, the person who happens to be just standing there doing nothing but "in the right place at the right time" gets more credit and is more of a hero than the person who actually DID something worthwhile, like saving a baby's life.

Horrible! I actually had to read the last few pages a second time, just to be sure I was reading it correctly!


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