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Many times I've felt like posting about this in my own LJ, but can never work up the courage as 99% of my flist are liberal. So I figured I'd post where people understand.

I've always been fascinated by people in other countries who take such an interest in our elections. But the past two elections it's been driving me nuts. They all gush in their own LJs about how wonderful Obama is. The day after the 2008 election, a former flister from Germany posted a big picspam of Obama pictures and underneath wrote in all caps, "Congrats, world!!!" A few days before the Inauguration, another girl from either Germany or Austria made a post with a pic of Obama with a smirk on his face and for a caption she wrote "There's the door, George!" She said she couldn't wait for him to be in the White House and was gushing "OMG, he's so close I can feel it!"

It was like they were insane fangirls fainting in his arms. I didn't really understand why people overseas cared so much... after all, they wouldn't have to worry about how his policies affected them personally. I mean, policies like trade and such, I kind of doubt the average twenty-something fangirl would care about. I guess it goes with the whole "rock star" thing.

So a few years ago by and no one says anything anymore, except for an flister in Norway who actually wondered what the heck Obama did to get a Nobel prize. Very rare on my flist. But it seems to be starting up again, and related to that I was following a recent convention held for Supernatural, one of my fandoms, in Brazil. Someone had posted a series of tweets from con attendees with links to photo ops. One fan was wearing a t-shirt with "Barack Obama", a caricature-type picture of Obama in a basketball uniform and a basketball at his feet, and underneath it the words "Four More Years." I shook my head and wondered why anyone would wear something like this to a fan convention for a sci-fi/horror type of show. Maybe hoping the star would compliment their shirt and give some info on their own political beliefs? Someone did the same thing at one of these cons in Canada a couple years ago, only wearing a t-shirt in support of Gay Marriage,hoping to get some feedback from the stars.

Again I started wondering why anyone overseas would care. It's not like they have to put up with him like we do. The whole "rock star" thing really turns me off.

Anyway, was wondering if anyone else noticed anything like this on their flist or elsewhere online and had any thoughts. Maybe this is a silly topic but I really felt the need to vent. *g*

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