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Considering the fact that the Democratic party now expects us girls to vote with our vaginas instead of our brains, I think this ad is timelier now than it was 4 years ago (the video can't be embedded. So you have to go to YouTube to see it)

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In a move that probably took a lot of people by surprise, the DNC put God back into their platform along with language affirming Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel today. C-SPAN video of the proceedings is here.

Disclosure: I am a Christian, and I am pro-Israel so this is a platform change of which I approve. That said, I am quite surprised at how, well, undemocratically this change was carried out.

In the video, Mayor Villaraigosa had to call for the vote three times before seeming to decide that he was going to approve the platform change whether there'd been a two-thirds aye vote or not. Obviously this platform change was a matter of major contention among the delegates. I am very surprised that a more formal vote was not carried out, given how divided the Convention seemed to be on the matter. And while I realize that these things take time, isn't this sort of boring, in-house housekeeping the actual reason these conventions happen in the first place? I know we like to pretty them up with balloons (unless we're Democrats) and confetti and music and whatever, but that stuff happens all the time. Hashing out the platform, on the other hand, doesn't come around just whenever.

I suppose, given the way they rammed through Obamacare without concern for what the country wanted, I shouldn't be too surprised, but I didn't figure they'd go all petty-dictator on one another. I would, honestly, have been disappointed in the party (more than I already am, anyway) had these changes not been made. But the way they were made feels dishonest and forced. Where do Democrats really stand on these issues and why didn't they take a more careful vote?

Edit: I have unscreened the comment by "Stan Chaz." Mods, he's your call. ;)
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A friend of mine pointed me to this article. It's Entertainment Weekly's review of Pixar's Brave. Well, it's not a "review" so much as a manifesto declaring that the main character is a lesbian because....she refused an arranged marriage and disliked wearing gowns that limited her mobility.
I think it's pretty telling that films starring single females who remain single for the entire film are so rare that, the moment a big studio makes one, everyone (including paid professional reviewers) goes nuts and assumes the girl MUST be gay or sexually confused or whatever.

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Let me preface this by saying that I'm not the biggest fan of Romney and I am a life-long dog lover. But this is an example of another MSM hits finally making it on social media, and I think it's hilarious how they have selective memories when it comes to Obama.

I saw someone on my flist post this:

Bla bla bla, Romney is evil, bla bla bla )

(Probably doesn't matter but this flister is from the UK)

Okay - first of all, I first heard about this a few months ago *at least*. It's only making the rounds on LJ now?? I guess someone's really feeling threatened by the possibility that Romney might actually defeat Obama....

I felt compelled to comment and inform her that Obama used to *eat* dog. Isn't that abuse of sorts? I'm sure they'd rebut with "Oh but that was years ago and he never said he liked it! Plus he has Bo now!" Well, this Romney thing was years ago, too. Again I'm not the biggest Romney fan and I don't condone what he did, but honestly, the one-sided drama queens just make me shake my head. I'd comment to her but she's a decent person otherwise (has never posted about politics before with the exception of her opposition to SOPA/PIPA/ACTA) and I don't feel like getting into an argument.

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Breitbart.com has an interesting take on this, which is that this is yet another example of Obama manipulating his public persona for different purposes at different times. And certainly, he is known to do that.

I have never been a birther. I've always felt it was just too much of a conspiracy theory for me to really buy into. I think this is weird, but beyond that...I dunno. The article is essentially documentation of the vetting and fact-checking BigGov did on this piece of information. So I put it to y'all, who are informed and intelligent people: what do you think about this?
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Many times I've felt like posting about this in my own LJ, but can never work up the courage as 99% of my flist are liberal. So I figured I'd post where people understand.

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(EDIT: Turns out that every point I was making was made much better by Thomas L. Macdonald on the Patheos Website: Paul Ehrlich: Still Wrong After All These Years. Apparently he's still shooting off his mouth, and saying everything he's been talking about is right. Amazing. I apparently picked up his book at a fairly good time.

(I'm very glad that no money went to Paul Ehrlich for the copy of his book I'm reading for some time--it was in a car that once belonged to Bill's grandmother, many many years ago... and there's a note inside that's neither to or from someone with her name, so I think that she got the book from a used bookstore. Kinda cool.)

Anyway, back to the post.)

[livejournal.com profile] ford_prefect42 and I were prepping a car to go to the scrapyard today when I noticed a few books in the back. One of them was that famous piece of literature, Paul R. Ehrlich's The Population Bomb (1971 revision). This book makes the basic argument that, seeing as we're failing to even feed our current global population, we must use population control measures to reduce the population of the earth drastically--say, to half a billion--in order to be able to sustain the human race for generations to come at an acceptable standard of living.

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I feel remarkably disillusioned. I mean, okay, I'm well aware that most of my information on the liberal mindset comes from internet arguments and political talking points. And I know that me and Bill can't argue laissez-faire economics like Mises or Rand (for example), so... well, I'd been hoping to get to one of the books that Explains It All in a way that I'd hopefully understand.

And finding what I think was one of those books (The Population Bomb was supposed to be incredibly influential), and finding that it did not, in fact, explain these things very well at all... well. It's disappointing.

I'll try to find another book to explain the liberal argument to me after this, I think. But I won't be expecting as much.
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It has become obvious that there are "members" of this community who are here only for trolling and grabbing screenshots of comments to locked posts in communities and websites to "tattle" about how "evil" and closed minded we are here at TheRightFangirl.

The person has been banned and as usual anyone else found in violation will also be removed.

To those who disagree with TRF's politics, I have been very gracious as a mod to allow you to be here. I have gone against members here to stand up for your freedom to be a part of the discussion...so for you to do this in "my house" is childish and immature. Like seriously? I stopped tattling in the 3rd grade. If your friends want to be apart of the civil discussion they can come see it for themselves. Stop being a coward and an idiot.

All memberships from now until further notice must be approved by me. There will also be a membership purge coming soon since we need to shed some of this dead weight.

Btw: I hate using the "wtf?" Tag for mod posts...So I promise the next time I post, no "wtf?" Tag will be attached lol.
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Let me preface this by saying that I am not a Romney fan. At all. However, when a moron like Hilary Rosen opens her mouth and says "Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life" because she's a homemaker...well.

Thankfully, Rosen was promptly eaten alive in the media, which has been nice to watch. And certainly Romney had plenty to say for herself. Which leads to this wonderful article:


I'll let you read for yourselves what the author has to say, though I think you'll enjoy it. My takeaway from all this, however, has been my increasing certainty that the only real feminists are conservatives. The fact that there's still the occasional attack on Sarah Palin (who isn't even running for anything and didn't deserve it when she was), Babette Josephs claiming pro-life women are "men with breasts," and now Rosen's comments add up to a disgusting picture of institutionalized misogyny running rampant in the Democratic party. How they managed to sell themselves as pro-women I will never figure out.
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Trayvon Martin's mother Sabrina Fulton filed applications to copyright "Justice For Trayvon" and "I Am Trayvon" less than a month after her son was killed.

The video above has no sound and shows the actual documents, complete with Sabrina Fulton's address and information about the law firm representing her. Some say she's filing for copyright on these phrases to keep others from cashing in, others say she herself is trying to profit from the death of her son. If she filed the papers for herself and plans on using any cash rewards toward a scholarship in her son's name, I think that would be admirable. But it would be a sick situation indeed if she were pocketing the money for her own personal benefit.

(x-posted from [livejournal.com profile] mividaloca99)
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Since this is an election season I've been expecting an influx of activity in the community and I am so excited that things are finally starting to rev up again. Two reminders to keep the peace so we all have a great time in the upcoming months:

  • When creating a post, please use the tag system so we can keep our posts organized. There are a lot of great resources posted so keeping them tidy for later use is appreciated. If any tags are needed, please let me know and I will create them.

  • I have received complaints about a few new members who are not conservatives or anywhere on the "right" scale. Now, while I do not have a problem with discussions where opinions differ on issues, if civility is lost and trolling occurs, the user(s) will no longer have access to the community. As our user information clearly states:

    We welcome anyone who calls herself a conservative and a fangirl...If you have come to "correct" our posters, "enlighten" us to facts, or otherwise engage us in debate, you are not welcome.

    Go to [livejournal.com profile] ontd_political or [livejournal.com profile] debate if you are not going to remain civil and harass/heckle/bait those you disagree with. This goes for everyone irregardless of political leanings. As of yet I am not going to ban anyone since some of the discussions are valid, but from this point on there will be no tolerance for obnoxiousness and baiting. This community is a "safe place" for consevatives as the userinfo clearly says. If you want to engage in debate or banter, you can do it elsewhere.

    Thanks for reading and Keep Calm, Breitbart expects us to carry on!! ;)
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    A 15-year-old boy in Oakland, California admitted to murdering his parents. Robert Kamin, 55, and Susan Poff, 50 were found dead in their vehicle after they'd failed to show up for work and calls to the home (answered by the son) led co-workers to contact police (in the first call, the boy said his parents went out for a walk; in the second, he claimed his father was in the bathroom and couldn't answer the phone). When police arrived, they noticed the vehicle was charred, as if someone tried to set it on fire. When they saw a limb under a blanket in the backseat, they opened the door and found the bodies of the boy's parents.

    Mr Kamin worked for the San Francisco county jail system as a clinical psychologist. Mrs Poff worked at the Housing and Urban Health Clinic for the city's health department as a physicians assistant. They adopted their son within the last ten years.

    Colleagues say they were aware the parents had been having problems with their son over his spending too much time at the Occupy Oakland camps. Though the police have yet to release any information as to the young man's identity or motives for the crime, one has to wonder if he lashed out due to an ultimatum given by his parents.

    This is the second death tied to Occupy Oakland since the movement started in late September 2011. The first was a shooting in which one of the suspects and the victim had both been involved with Occupy Oakland. The victim had been staying in the encampment.

    [Full article - UK Daily Mail]
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    From Yahoo! News:
    A Seattle woman who is receiving welfare assistance from Washington state also happens to live in a waterfront house on Lake Washington worth more than a million dollars.

    Federal agents raided the home this weekend but have not released the woman or her husband's name because they have not officially been charged with a crime.

    However, federal documents obtained by KING 5 News show the couple currently receives more than $1,200 a month in public housing vouchers, plus state and government disability checks and food stamps. They have been receiving the benefits since 2003.

    The 2,500 square-foot home, which includes gardens and a boat dock, is valued at $1.2 million. And even though the couple has been receiving the benefits for nearly 10 years, records show that they accurately listed the address of their current home when applying for the state and federal benefits.

    A federal official told KING 5 that the couple likely took advantage of a loophole, which allows low-income individuals to receive financial assistance to help them pay their rent and move away from housing projects. However, the law does not require officials to verify what type of home the benefits recipient is living in.

    As if the million dollar home weren't enough, the supposedly low-income couple also gave money to various charities and traveled around the world to locales in Turkey, Tel Aviv and resort towns in Mexico, according to court records.
    I wonder if it's a case of too little government or too much government that allowed these folks to slip through the cracks. They could be charged with fraud, but only if their paperwork reflects falsehood or some sort-of discrepancy. Otherwise, the state (or federal) government gave them a Get Out Of Jail Free card with that loophole!

    Instead of blathering about corporate tax loopholes, people should be more concerned with THESE loopholes!
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    I'll let this video speak for itself. This woman Angel Adams is absolutely ridiculous.

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    First post here. Been lurking around some, not to sure about posting. But today, I got so pissed off and have been fuming ALL DAY to anyone who will listen.

    So, recently we've been talking in this comm about the pains of being a conservative college student. I got a really acute example of that today.

    One, I'm a journalism student. It's super tough every day because as you guys well know, journalism is one of the most leftward-leaning professions out there. I get to hear my viewpoints mocked almost all the time at work and in classes.

    Last semester I had one professor that I thought was exceptional in keeping politics out of class. Then I have an ethics class with him this semester. He's started making here-and-there liberal comments.

    Today, I got walloped in the face.

    We were discussing whether or not we would publish the name of an illegal immigrant mother if she gave birth to the first baby of the new year.

    Somehow, he effectively went into a 15-minute rant in which he said:
    -"You may not believe it, but what do most people believe about immigrants? That they're taking jobs away from Americans and that they're all criminals, especially Mexicans, which seems to be synonymous with drug-runners." (Nevermind the fact that, by definition, being an ILLEGAL immigrant DOES mean you're a criminal.)
    -anyone who supports strict immigration laws is racist against Hispanics and abhors Mexicans and is thus completely backward
    -the Arizona law is the epitome of racism because it means cops can ask any random person of brown skin for papers and deport them if they don't have them; and that "some crazy lawmakers" want to make the same thing happen in Florida
    -"People who support immigration laws are making it very difficult to be a brown person. It's a sad reality, but it's a tough time to be brown in America right now." (what the hell does he think about Marco Rubio, I wonder?)
    -everyone "outside the liberal multicultural haven of a university" (i.e. conservatives) thinks all Muslims are terrorists

    This greatly offended me because I am a die-hard conservative and believe very strongly in strict immigration laws, but I: am obsessed Hispanic cultures and especially Mexicans, the first guy I dated (also a friend) is a legal resident alien from Mexico, had a roommate and close friend who is Cuban refugee turned naturalized citizen, and have an aunt who's adopting two young Guatemalan girls whose birth mother is being deported. Additionally, I'm very much a conservative Christian but my favorite actor is a Muslim.

    Clearly I am the COMPLETE opposite of what he said! How DARE he stand up there and preach to me about how wrong "my" stereotypes are when he's obviously stereotyping me?!

    So now my dilemma is whether I go to his office and TELL HIM that he offended me, or sit down and take it because as much as I'd like to believe he's above messing with my grades, I also believed he was above using politics in the classroom.

    Because I don't want to blow this out of proportion, but at the same time I'm entirely sick of sitting down and taking insults right to my face.


    The following is an e-mail I sent to my professor:
    Hi professor L,

    (some questions about our upcoming midterm)

    Also, I wanted to let you know that some of your comments in lecture yesterday about immigration offended me. As someone who has family who work for Border Patrol and someone who supports immigration laws (including Arizona’s), I resent the implication that my beliefs are “making it hard to be a brown person in America right now.” Just because I believe in immigration laws and deporting illegal immigrants does not mean I dislike Hispanics or Mexicans. I have many Hispanic friends that I love dearly, including a friend who is a legal resident alien from Mexico and a roommate and close friend who is a naturalized citizen originally from Cuba.

    Additionally, as someone who considers herself outside of the “liberal multicultural setting of the university,” I resent the assumption that I am a member of that community and the implication that “most of America” outside of that community is prejudiced against Hispanics and Muslims.

    I don’t understand how an argument in favor of writing stories that break stereotypes can be based on a generalization about the beliefs of “most of America” or most of America “outside of the liberal multicultural setting of the university.” Forgive me if I’m wrong, but that seems fairly stereotypical to me.


    For all of that, this was his response:

    Thanks for the comments. I apologize."
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    Or should we say "Lack of" Privacy Policy?

    Think your data isn't online? Think your privacy is secure? Take a minute to visit Spokeo and you'll change your mind.

    The popular information-gathering website offers a multitude of options for finding information about anyone. It purports to know your income, religion, spouse's name, credit status and the number of people in your household. It even offers a satellite shot of your house, complete with an estimated value.

    Spokeo’s not alone in the information-mining business -- competitor Intelius, for instance, offers similar services -- and for as little as $2.95 a month for a year’s membership, you can run a detailed background check that pulls information from local, state and federal government databases and hundreds of social-networking sites.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/01/19/spokeo-cyber-security-warn-threat-privacy/#ixzz1CULVe8ew

    My friend showed me the website and helped me get my information blocked. Intelius isn't so easy, though; they require you to fax them proof it's you, and every time your info changes it'll come back onto the website and you have to reprove it's you asking for it to be taken off again.


    [R]evealing some personal information is okay because it means there is a way to link an online persona with an actual individual. Angry posters at Websites can be traceable and not engage in anonymous name-calling, in other words.
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    The Subject line above is a lovely parting gift from Steny Hoyer. So now, according to him and other Dems, the Tea Parties probably come from dysfunctional homes. How nice.

    Link: http://blogs.investors.com/capitalhill/index.php/home/35-politicsinvesting/2321-hoyer-tea-party-people-come-from-unhappy-families

    Allahpundit sums it up properly, especially, as far thumbnail psychoanalysis goes, this is beyond horrible. In fairness, Hoyer doesn't usually do this, but such bomb-throwing is becoming a rite of passage for a modern Democrat. Regardless, as AP said, it's better than the racism charges uttered against the Tea Party, a year ago. (Wait until they use both meme into one. Wait for it.)

    Link: http://hotair.com/archives/2011/01/05/steny-hoyer-im-thinking-most-tea-partiers-probably-come-from-unhappy-families/

    Enjoy, I guess.
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    [livejournal.com profile] sorris0 (journal is in russian, I'm just citing the source) posted this in his LJ. Don't you want to buy one for your kid? :D

    the rest is under cut )


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