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If more recent graduates that voted for Obama feel that way then it should be easier for Romney to win.
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We're all familiar with the left's hypocrisy when it comes to denouncing misogynistic or otherwise offensive comments by conservatives, but tolerating them when they're said by fellow liberals.

I thought this video did a pretty good job of highlighting the issue with regards to Bill Maher and his donation to Obama's re-election campaign:

You might consider passing it around to see what your left-leaning friends have to say. ;)
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On his show tonight, Bill O'Reilly busted the doors wide open as to what's REALLY going on with Sandra Fluke. How is a Georgetown law student able to go all over the place to do interviews and who is scheduling them? Turns out it's someone with connections to the White House!

Mediate tells the full story (with video): http://www.mediaite.com/tv/bill-oreilly-asks-who-is-running-sandra-fluke-it-all-goes-back-to-white-house/

It turns out SKDKnickerbocker, a PR agency, is representing Fluke (with most of her interview requests going through someone named "Mike"). Who happens to be managing editor? None other than Anita "Mao Tse" Dunn, Barack Obama's former communications director. Dunn is also currently a contributor for NBC News/MSNBC/CNBC. This is the same woman who claimed that Fox News was an arm of the Republican Party. As if MSNBC isn't an arm of the Democratic Party?

So now we know what's really going on here - former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led the charge for a mock hearing, invited the press to cover it, and then hired professional activist Sandra Fluke to testify. I doubt their intent was to sink Limbaugh or anyone else, but it was definitely an opportunity to drudge up press for the Obama administration any way they could get it. Now Dunn's taken Fluke under her wing.

I'm getting so disgusted with this administration and their misuse and abuse of the media and free speech. I feel what Limbaugh said was wrong, but to use it to attempt to sink him while Fluke herself is a fraud is inexcusable. This is another reason why the Obama administration needs to be out of the White House!
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I'll let this video speak for itself. This woman Angel Adams is absolutely ridiculous.

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Er, I mean. Die Hippie, Die!

When South Park first came out in the late 90s everyone in my age bracket thought it was cool because of all the cussing. Being the crotchety old woman that I was at 12, that meant that it clearly must have been a stupid show. I now know better thanks to some kind ladies in this very community. So thanks to Netlfix, I have been marathoning South Park for the last two months.

Not ten minutes ago did I just watch this episode and felt the need to share it with everyone, to maybe pass on to your pro-OWS friends.

South Park Season 9, Ep 2.
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I found this on my friend's list. It's just over 9 minutes, but worth the time.

For those who'd rather have the tl;dr version, the internet is tailoring itself, via algorithms, to what it thinks we want to see. As the guy in the vid put it (paraphrasing here), "We may not be getting a balanced information diet." It's disturbing.

And I want to add a comment from one of my friends, which I thought was interesting and relevant, but I want to get her permission first.

ETA: Comment from a friend from Austria )
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I love JibJab!!! I haven't seen them since the 2004 election!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!
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"If you young people can't take your hand out of a bag of cheetos long enough to fill out a form, then it's your fault when we end up with President Sanjaya." :)

and the second part of the monologue from the same show (last night).

For those of you who don't know who Craig is, he hosts the Late Late Show here in the States. He's a new American citizen and this is this first election as a voter.

If you really want to love him some more, tune in tonight to hear what he has to say about the anniversary of 9/11. He's always very eloquent and reverent.
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One of the best videos I've seen in ages.

At Code Pink's weekly Friday night blood dance at Walter Reed, they hold signs saying that they love the troops.

One veteran (military blogger Citizen SMASH formerly Lt. SMASH) had something to say to Code Pink this evening.

GREAT confrontation... his speech is classic. I highly suggest watching! :)

Text of speech at FreeRepublic.


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