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Okay, so I watched the debate (sorry I wasn't here for the live post, was in another room from the computer all night). Apparently some people online are taking issue with the fact that Romney said "government doesn't create jobs", but they said he turned around and said his government will create jobs. Did any of you guys imply that from what he said during the debate?

I guess this is like a two-part question. There's an actor I kind of like (used to really like, but I've backed off a little mainly because the fandom is really crazy) who retweeted something that an entertainment blogger tweeted:

Romney continues adorable streak, insisting "government does not create jobs," then insisting HIS government will create jobs. #wtf #debate

My first reaction was to be a little pissed off and think "just when I couldn't lose any more respect for this guy..." He's usually the type of person who doesn't talk politics. He has made jabs at Obama at fan conventions, mainly his stimulus, and he did make a snarky comment during the primaries about Newt denying an "open" relationship but hid his affair from his wife, etc. This is a guy from Texas who for all intents and purposes is pro-gun, maybe socially liberal but I'm not really sure.

Does this tweet prove that he's in the tank for Obama? I know, I really shouldn't care, and I guess I mostly don't. But again it just grates on me to have to lose respect for yet another actor because they have to be a political moron. :P And that I'd have to stop watching their show, buying the dvds etc (even though I still like the show). How do you guys deal with being into tv shows where the actors' politics are completely opposite of yours? I guess it just makes sense to separate the person from their performance?

Sorry if this doesn't make sense... still early and I need coffee...


Mar. 10th, 2012 09:34 am
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Does anyone here watch Sherlock BBC?
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Er, I mean. Die Hippie, Die!

When South Park first came out in the late 90s everyone in my age bracket thought it was cool because of all the cussing. Being the crotchety old woman that I was at 12, that meant that it clearly must have been a stupid show. I now know better thanks to some kind ladies in this very community. So thanks to Netlfix, I have been marathoning South Park for the last two months.

Not ten minutes ago did I just watch this episode and felt the need to share it with everyone, to maybe pass on to your pro-OWS friends.

South Park Season 9, Ep 2.
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Basically, Obama wanted to do another Barack the Vote thing on MTV, and MTV told him no.

So, does this mean I can watch Teen Wolf with a clean conscience for a little while? Cause I feel like crap that I enjoy that show so much.


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Elizabeth Sladen, 63, has died today, after a long battle with cancer.

I was always a huge fan of Sarah Jane and I was very saddened to hear of her passing.

RIP Elizabeth. You will be missed.

Short BBC article

The news is very sparse as of now, but I believe there's supposed to be a more detailed statement coming out shortly.
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(I already posted this on my Palin comm, so I thought to share.)

Apparently, "Sarah Palin's Alaska" will be released on Region 1 DVD, come April 5th, 2011. TVshowsondvd.com has the details, including on the extras, so click onward.

Link: http://tvshowsondvd.com/news/Sarah-Palins-Alaska-Season-1/14839

Actually, I was searching the site for another TV series, and found this item by mistake. Oh, well, I'll still take the serendipity.


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