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"... genocide ... tortured [by] low income pay and two wars ..."

yep. sounds like a tea partier to me.
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and i utterly repudiate and excoriate this bastard. and i find the response from the "big sky tea party associaton" unacceptably tepid, to boot. don't be like kanjorski and talk even jokingly about murdering your opponents. (this person doesn't understand individual rights, anyway. gay marriage does not/would not take away his constitutional rights!)

Montana Tea Party Leader Endorses Violence Toward Gay People
- http://gayrights.change.org/blog/view/montana_tea_party_leader_endorses_violence_toward_gay_people

Montana Tea Party Leader Axed Over Comments Concerning Hanging Of Homosexuals
- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/07/montana-tea-party-leader-_n_707171.html

Montana Tea Party Group Fires President After Anti-Gay Comments On Facebook
- http://www.mediaite.com/online/montana-tea-party-group-fires-president-after-anti-gay-comments-on-facebook/
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The Subject line above is a lovely parting gift from Steny Hoyer. So now, according to him and other Dems, the Tea Parties probably come from dysfunctional homes. How nice.

Link: http://blogs.investors.com/capitalhill/index.php/home/35-politicsinvesting/2321-hoyer-tea-party-people-come-from-unhappy-families

Allahpundit sums it up properly, especially, as far thumbnail psychoanalysis goes, this is beyond horrible. In fairness, Hoyer doesn't usually do this, but such bomb-throwing is becoming a rite of passage for a modern Democrat. Regardless, as AP said, it's better than the racism charges uttered against the Tea Party, a year ago. (Wait until they use both meme into one. Wait for it.)

Link: http://hotair.com/archives/2011/01/05/steny-hoyer-im-thinking-most-tea-partiers-probably-come-from-unhappy-families/

Enjoy, I guess.
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I don't know if any of you have read The Telegraph's current list of the 100 Most Influential Conservatives. They don't mean Tories, they mean "us," the good ol' American right. They did a similar list in 2007, with some good choices and some "whas?" The Telegraph remembers politicians and policymakers, which is good, but as is the case with folks on the outside looking in, they don't quite get who's really influential to American conservatives. Or quite understand who's a conservative. For example, Sen. Joe Lieberman made it on the list both times even though he is really a hawkish liberal. Maybe his breed is dying out, but it doesn't make him a conservative per se.

Sooo, here's how I would at the very least rank the (current) top 10 right now:

10. Mark Levin

The Great One's radio talk show is gaining in popularity and his book was the first to burn up the charts after Obama got elected.

9. Sean Hannity

Second most-popular radio talk show host and star of the second most-popular show on cable news, he helped launch the pundit career of Mark Levin.

8. Rep. Michele Bachmann

The Second Most-Hated Conservative Woman In America is like the anti-Nancy Pelosi. While she might not replace Pelosi in November--the current leadership, Rep. Mike Pence, or Rep. Eric Cantor have a better shot if Republicans take over the House--she is perhaps the most public face of conservative values in the House of Representatives.

7. Clan Cheney

Count me as one of the 20% who has always loved Dick Cheney ;). The Telegraph ranked him first on their list. While the former Veep currently holds no political power, he has been out there laying down the hammer on the Obama administration's screw-ups and standing up for the previous administration. And look out, here comes the equally tough and outspoken Liz Cheney. Mary is busy being a new mom now, but who knows when we'll see her back.

6. The Dynamic Duo of Sens. Coburn and Inhofe of OK

You folks in Oklahoma have the two of the best senators in Congress. As a Californian, I weep in envy. GOD, do I ever! Both of them are take-no-prisoners conservatives, helping to lead the white hats in the Senate against leftist excess.

5. Sen. Jim DeMint

The greatest conservative politician currently serving in Congress. This guy should be minority leader.

4. Glenn Beck

How far Glenn has come since I occasionally listened to his radio show broadcast out of Philadelphia. Not only has he perhaps done more than any national media figure to educate the public about the true nature of "progressivism," he has helped motivate a disenchanted public to well, do something about it. Glenn's think-outside-the-party-label-box approach has attracted Democrats and independents as well as conservatives. I know Democrats who routinely watch his show and not to mock it.

3. Sarah Palin

Armed with her Facebook Page of Doom, a Twitter account, and now guest spots on Fox News, the Most Hated and Loved Conservative Woman in America has shown that you don't necessarily need political office to have an effect on policy. We may very well end up with this godawful health care bill but it would have sailed through months ago with a public option had she not warned Americans about death panels and rationed care. She may run for the presidency in 2012 or she may run 10 years from now. Or she may never run. But at age 45, she's got plenty of time to get out her message, campaign for candidates, and perhaps even mentor a new generation of "common sense" conservatives.

2. Rush Limbaugh

Still the most effective voice of American conservatism, which is why the left hates his guts so much.

1. The Tea Party movement

Normally, I'd put Rush at #1. But the popular, grassroots movement of regular folks who want to see a return to limited government, fiscal responsibility, and an end to corruption is proving that if the people lead, the leaders follow. Eventually ;). Plenty of conservative pundits have cheered on the Tea Partiers, but it took local organization to even get people to come to rallies across the country. They're the ones who derailed the candidacy of Dede Scuzzyflava in New York's 23rd district and put up a good fight against the Democratic winner, even with a late entry by a political novice. They're the ones who may very well help Scott Brown win in MA tomorrow. They're the ones who are powering Marco Rubio's upstart campaign in Florida. Admittedly, it's a nascent movement with all of the problems that come with it and the GOP has been slow to catch up with it. But it is shaking things up. How do we know it's having an effect? The left has gone after Tea Partiers with alarming viciousness.


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