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Ever since I first heard "Mitt Romney causes cancer" I always think of the movie/graphic novel The Watchmen, and how Dr. Manhattan was led to believe that he'd caused cancer in his loved ones by simply existing in their presence over extended periods of time.

Thus I wanted to make this:

You're free to take it and share it. If you want to play with it, I can upload the text-free base.

Also I'm so proud of myself: I got my first liberal unfollow on Tumblr the other day. She still chats with me on Twitter, though, so she mostly just got sick of seeing the reblogs. Still friends, it seems, though. :)
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Er, I mean. Die Hippie, Die!

When South Park first came out in the late 90s everyone in my age bracket thought it was cool because of all the cussing. Being the crotchety old woman that I was at 12, that meant that it clearly must have been a stupid show. I now know better thanks to some kind ladies in this very community. So thanks to Netlfix, I have been marathoning South Park for the last two months.

Not ten minutes ago did I just watch this episode and felt the need to share it with everyone, to maybe pass on to your pro-OWS friends.

South Park Season 9, Ep 2.
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Just as I was anticipating her popularity would subside post the 2008 election. What do you think? Special thanks to Big Hollywood.

Link: http://www.thefoxnation.com/obama-girl/2010/01/19/video-obama-girl-back


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