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Ever since I first heard "Mitt Romney causes cancer" I always think of the movie/graphic novel The Watchmen, and how Dr. Manhattan was led to believe that he'd caused cancer in his loved ones by simply existing in their presence over extended periods of time.

Thus I wanted to make this:

You're free to take it and share it. If you want to play with it, I can upload the text-free base.

Also I'm so proud of myself: I got my first liberal unfollow on Tumblr the other day. She still chats with me on Twitter, though, so she mostly just got sick of seeing the reblogs. Still friends, it seems, though. :)
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Okay, it's just for a day, but I'm completely not kidding. Starting bid: $5. (Really.)

What would you do on a day-long "unique adventure" in NYC with Bill Clinton? FOX has some fun suggestions but I thought we could probably come up with a few more of our own!
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I meant to post this yesterday but I lost track of time. Yesterday morning I had the Today Show on in my bedroom while brushing my teeth in the bathroom, and all of the sudden I hear an epic attack on Matt Lauer. This guy is railing against Matt, saying things such as, "You people loved up Obama in here all through the campaign!" and "You can not sit here and lie to me and say that you honestly believe Sarah Palin is an idiot- I know you don't believe that, but you upped the perception of that, don't lie to me!" Stunned (tooth brush still in mouth), I walked into the bedroom to watch this. I hadn't ever seen a journalist come out against Liberal news media quite this strongly before, and quite frankly: it thrilled me. You guys might have seen this before, but this guy, John Ziegler, is making a documentary about "How Obama Got Elected and How Sarah Palin was Targeted." Personally, I think what happened to Mrs. Palin was a political witch hunt, so I'm very excited to see this type of journalism.

The Right’s ‘Michael Moore’—but With Facts

By Andrew Buttaro, Assistant Editor for Townhall.com

John Ziegler is a man who always has a mission. As a radio host in Kentucky several years back, his dogged pursuit of a gubernatorial scandal resulted in the Democratic governor’s removal from office. While working the drive-time beat in Los Angeles during the 2004 election, he brought John Kerry’s Iraq gaffe (if you don’t do your homework, the senator warned students, “you get stuck in Iraq”) to national attention. Now he’s at it again, producing a documentary that he promises will “show just how deep in the tank the media was for Barack Obama” during the recent presidential contest.

The film, “Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected,” isn’t due for release until late February, but it has already attracted a good deal of attention. Through interviews and poll data, Ziegler makes the case that the slanted coverage tilted the playing field toward the Illinois Democrat.

The rest of this can be found at: http://www.howobamagotelected.com/media-malpractice-filmmaker.asp or http://www.howobamagotelected.com/

I think that more people from the right side should come out like this. I am a believer in the fact that the media virtually elected Barack Obama, so this type of thing is exactly what we need to see: people calling the Liberal news media out on their lies, deciet, and malpractice.

Sorry if this is a repost. Mods can feel free to delete it, but I think it's definitely something we all should know about.

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It is getting to the point where one has to wonder if ANY of the members of Congress paid their taxes. Maybe the "Rangle's Rule" bill will pass just so these characters can pay their own taxes.

Daschle apologizes for failing to pay taxes

WASHINGTON – Tom Daschle said Monday that he's "deeply embarrassed and disappointed" about his failure to pay more than $120,000 in taxes.

Full article behind cut )

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Awesome: GOP congressman introduces “the Rangel rule”

More on Rangel's rule behind cut. )
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"Donofrio also contends that two other candidates, Republican John McCain and Socialist Workers candidate Roger Calero, also are not natural-born citizens and thus ineligible to be president."

Someone doesn't know what they're talking about. John McCain was born in a U.S. territory. I'm not so much conercerned with the British birth citizenry as I am about him just not being a natural born citizen period. In my opinion, if there's nothing wrong with his birth certificate, there should have been no reason to hide it in the first place. This is just escalating into an even bigger problem.

It makes me mad that the man who got as far as being President Elect is still being questioned about if he's a natural born citizen or not...
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ABC has a quiz, Match-o-Matic II, that tests you on which statements you agree more with, and at the end, tells you which candidate's positions you are more likely to relate to.

I was with McCain on every issue, and I wasn't even really thinking about who said what. I answered honestly, which I know I can have a problem with when it comes to quizzes that clearly have answers that are directed towards certain parties.


Anyway, enjoy! I want to pass this onto as many people as I can, including the hardcore liberals at my college. :)


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