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Last weekend, Paul Ryan, his family, and staffers made an unscheduled visit to an Ohio soup kitchen run by the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society.

At first the story was that Ryan and his team just barreled in there without anyone's okay and the dishes they were washing were *gasp* CLEAN. It was all just a staged photo opportunity. Then Brian Antal, the President of the Mahoning County Society, came forward and said he wasn't on-site but Ryan and his group DID wash dirty dishes for several minutes. However, he stated it paled in comparison to the staff who worked hard that day to serve 180 homeless a meal that day. Antal also said that St. Vincent De Paul had no political ties and wanted to keep it that way, and the person who allowed Ryan and his group to enter had no authority to allow it nor to turn them away. Now the soup kitchen is losing donors from both sides because of the situation. (It should be noted that Antal described himself as an independent voter to the press, but has voted in Democratic primaries for the past 17 years.)

I'm just curious as to everyone's opinion on something like this - should charity work be used as a voting point? I think there's too many opportunities where politicians could take advantage of it, like this one. I would feel differently if Ryan and his staff had contacted a soup kitchen ahead of time and volunteered to serve meals AND clean-up after, with maybe a few candid photos. It's not going to change my opinion as to who could do a better job in office, but it just makes me look at them more as career politicians than people who truly are out to change this country for the better.

(Mods, could we get a Paul Ryan tag, please?)
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I've been a subscriber on and off since the early 90s. I received a gift subscription about a year ago, which was fine because I like reading about some of my fave shows. Just received this week's issue and it really pissed me off.

They have an article in their "In the News" section entitled "The Conventions' Winners and Losers." For "winners", they include the speeches of both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney (must've really pained them to include her), the "partisan cable networks" (MSNBC and Fox News are mentioned for getting the most viewers during the DNC and RNC, respectively), and Bill Clinton, natch.

For the "losers", they pick everyone on the right: "The convention bounce", as in the lack of bounce for Romney following his convention; Clint Eastwood, and Sarah Palin.

I shouldn't have been surprised, but it just pisses me off how they perpetrate this garbage to prop up Obama. Romney actually did receive a small bounce after the RNC. Most polls I saw, including Reuters/Ipsos (which has been known to tilt left) and Rassmussen, showed him with a bounce between 4 and 6 points at least. But of course the media wouldn't make any mention of it. Meanwhile, according to pollsters, Obama did receive a bounce (though some of those polls I saw were pretty suspect based on the questions asked and oversampling Democrats... in one, Romney trailed by 5 points, but was leading by double digits with Independents) but it's already fading pretty quickly. Of course they don't want us to know this either. I fired off an email to them. They'll probably laugh and delete it, but I don't care. Had to let them know that not all of their readers appreciate this.

I know, you're thinking, "Well, what do you expect from them?" I do like TV Guide for info on my shows. But again, I'm just so sick and tired of them bending over backwards to show how slanted they are and to prop up this President. *shakes head*
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Brit Hume ended up in hot water because he said on a Fox News show that maybe Buddhism wasn't working out for Tiger Woods and maybe he ought to look into the kind of redemption and forgiveness the Christian faith offers to put his life back together. The media-entertainment-industrial complex were horrified. You see, in the la-la land of the secularist, you can't talk about that sort of thing publicly. T.V. ads can go on about "erectile dysfunction," women on talk shows can yap about their va-jay-jays, and we won't even discuss what happens on "Jersey Shore" or the "Real Housewives" franchise. You can show blood and guts on prime time television. You can portray creepy priests and abusive Christian parents in dramas. But mentioning anything positive about Christianity? Why that's worse than expelling bodily gas at high decibels during a state dinner! You just NEVER do that sort of thing in polite company! The horror!!

[livejournal.com profile] johncwright had a long and very well-written piece on the whole thing, including on the difference between Buddhism and Christianity. I won't address that because to be honest, the MSM couldn't care less about the honor of Buddhists worldwide. No, they were offended at someone publicly promoting Christianity as something of value. By the same token, several sportswriters have mocked college football star Tim Tebow's openness about his faith.

Why is that? My theory is many of those visible or prominent in the media-entertainment-industrial complex are deeply uncomfortable with a religion that requires you to be humble and put something above yourself. Hiding it away as something private means you don't have to acknowledge it or think about it. It becomes irrelevant to your life. Without it there, you're free to order your universe according to the way you want it without any consequence. It bothers these people to see a prominent, successful media figure like a Brit Hume act differently because it bursts a trope that smart, powerful people reject that sort of thing. They're not only worried that *gasp* Tiger might take up Hume's advice, but that millions of folks at home might too. And where does that leave the hardcore secularist?


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