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This interview is a few years old. But I think it's worth posting here because the host embodies every stereotype we righties associate with smug, liberal douchebags. Seriously, he's so over the top he comes across like a right wing Colbert!

A recent post here got me thinking of a brave, amazing, and all around kick-ass lady named Ayaan Hirsi Ali. If you don't know who she is, this interview is a really good introduction to her and why she is one of the coolest people who will ever exist ever.

EDIT: The video doesn't seem to want to embed here. So here's the direct link to the interview on YouTube.

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I've been a subscriber on and off since the early 90s. I received a gift subscription about a year ago, which was fine because I like reading about some of my fave shows. Just received this week's issue and it really pissed me off.

They have an article in their "In the News" section entitled "The Conventions' Winners and Losers." For "winners", they include the speeches of both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney (must've really pained them to include her), the "partisan cable networks" (MSNBC and Fox News are mentioned for getting the most viewers during the DNC and RNC, respectively), and Bill Clinton, natch.

For the "losers", they pick everyone on the right: "The convention bounce", as in the lack of bounce for Romney following his convention; Clint Eastwood, and Sarah Palin.

I shouldn't have been surprised, but it just pisses me off how they perpetrate this garbage to prop up Obama. Romney actually did receive a small bounce after the RNC. Most polls I saw, including Reuters/Ipsos (which has been known to tilt left) and Rassmussen, showed him with a bounce between 4 and 6 points at least. But of course the media wouldn't make any mention of it. Meanwhile, according to pollsters, Obama did receive a bounce (though some of those polls I saw were pretty suspect based on the questions asked and oversampling Democrats... in one, Romney trailed by 5 points, but was leading by double digits with Independents) but it's already fading pretty quickly. Of course they don't want us to know this either. I fired off an email to them. They'll probably laugh and delete it, but I don't care. Had to let them know that not all of their readers appreciate this.

I know, you're thinking, "Well, what do you expect from them?" I do like TV Guide for info on my shows. But again, I'm just so sick and tired of them bending over backwards to show how slanted they are and to prop up this President. *shakes head*
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Let me preface this by saying that I'm not the biggest fan of Romney and I am a life-long dog lover. But this is an example of another MSM hits finally making it on social media, and I think it's hilarious how they have selective memories when it comes to Obama.

I saw someone on my flist post this:

Bla bla bla, Romney is evil, bla bla bla )

(Probably doesn't matter but this flister is from the UK)

Okay - first of all, I first heard about this a few months ago *at least*. It's only making the rounds on LJ now?? I guess someone's really feeling threatened by the possibility that Romney might actually defeat Obama....

I felt compelled to comment and inform her that Obama used to *eat* dog. Isn't that abuse of sorts? I'm sure they'd rebut with "Oh but that was years ago and he never said he liked it! Plus he has Bo now!" Well, this Romney thing was years ago, too. Again I'm not the biggest Romney fan and I don't condone what he did, but honestly, the one-sided drama queens just make me shake my head. I'd comment to her but she's a decent person otherwise (has never posted about politics before with the exception of her opposition to SOPA/PIPA/ACTA) and I don't feel like getting into an argument.

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(EDIT: Turns out that every point I was making was made much better by Thomas L. Macdonald on the Patheos Website: Paul Ehrlich: Still Wrong After All These Years. Apparently he's still shooting off his mouth, and saying everything he's been talking about is right. Amazing. I apparently picked up his book at a fairly good time.

(I'm very glad that no money went to Paul Ehrlich for the copy of his book I'm reading for some time--it was in a car that once belonged to Bill's grandmother, many many years ago... and there's a note inside that's neither to or from someone with her name, so I think that she got the book from a used bookstore. Kinda cool.)

Anyway, back to the post.)

[livejournal.com profile] ford_prefect42 and I were prepping a car to go to the scrapyard today when I noticed a few books in the back. One of them was that famous piece of literature, Paul R. Ehrlich's The Population Bomb (1971 revision). This book makes the basic argument that, seeing as we're failing to even feed our current global population, we must use population control measures to reduce the population of the earth drastically--say, to half a billion--in order to be able to sustain the human race for generations to come at an acceptable standard of living.

This gets long. )

I feel remarkably disillusioned. I mean, okay, I'm well aware that most of my information on the liberal mindset comes from internet arguments and political talking points. And I know that me and Bill can't argue laissez-faire economics like Mises or Rand (for example), so... well, I'd been hoping to get to one of the books that Explains It All in a way that I'd hopefully understand.

And finding what I think was one of those books (The Population Bomb was supposed to be incredibly influential), and finding that it did not, in fact, explain these things very well at all... well. It's disappointing.

I'll try to find another book to explain the liberal argument to me after this, I think. But I won't be expecting as much.


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