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On his show tonight, Bill O'Reilly busted the doors wide open as to what's REALLY going on with Sandra Fluke. How is a Georgetown law student able to go all over the place to do interviews and who is scheduling them? Turns out it's someone with connections to the White House!

Mediate tells the full story (with video): http://www.mediaite.com/tv/bill-oreilly-asks-who-is-running-sandra-fluke-it-all-goes-back-to-white-house/

It turns out SKDKnickerbocker, a PR agency, is representing Fluke (with most of her interview requests going through someone named "Mike"). Who happens to be managing editor? None other than Anita "Mao Tse" Dunn, Barack Obama's former communications director. Dunn is also currently a contributor for NBC News/MSNBC/CNBC. This is the same woman who claimed that Fox News was an arm of the Republican Party. As if MSNBC isn't an arm of the Democratic Party?

So now we know what's really going on here - former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led the charge for a mock hearing, invited the press to cover it, and then hired professional activist Sandra Fluke to testify. I doubt their intent was to sink Limbaugh or anyone else, but it was definitely an opportunity to drudge up press for the Obama administration any way they could get it. Now Dunn's taken Fluke under her wing.

I'm getting so disgusted with this administration and their misuse and abuse of the media and free speech. I feel what Limbaugh said was wrong, but to use it to attempt to sink him while Fluke herself is a fraud is inexcusable. This is another reason why the Obama administration needs to be out of the White House!
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Or should we say "Lack of" Privacy Policy?

Think your data isn't online? Think your privacy is secure? Take a minute to visit Spokeo and you'll change your mind.

The popular information-gathering website offers a multitude of options for finding information about anyone. It purports to know your income, religion, spouse's name, credit status and the number of people in your household. It even offers a satellite shot of your house, complete with an estimated value.

Spokeo’s not alone in the information-mining business -- competitor Intelius, for instance, offers similar services -- and for as little as $2.95 a month for a year’s membership, you can run a detailed background check that pulls information from local, state and federal government databases and hundreds of social-networking sites.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/01/19/spokeo-cyber-security-warn-threat-privacy/#ixzz1CULVe8ew

My friend showed me the website and helped me get my information blocked. Intelius isn't so easy, though; they require you to fax them proof it's you, and every time your info changes it'll come back onto the website and you have to reprove it's you asking for it to be taken off again.


[R]evealing some personal information is okay because it means there is a way to link an online persona with an actual individual. Angry posters at Websites can be traceable and not engage in anonymous name-calling, in other words.
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This is exciting: Sarah Palin to be a Fox News Contributor (and I almost missed it on Yahoo's front page)

At first, I thought she was getting her own show, but she's just going to be a guest commentator from time to time (like on one segment of O'Reilly or on Hannity's Great American Panel).  I think I prefer this.  I don't know about you, but Huckabee's random "jamming out" with Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. isn't exactly endearing...

But yay for more Sarah! :)

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In the grand tradition of People Making Crap Up comes this little gem from Yahoo! News: If they tried to fake a military record for Obama, would that get people riled up?

I clicked on it and found out that the "misleading" video amounts to a sophomoric intern mistake (the story doesn't explicitly say that, but one can deduce). Someone probably mislabeled the 2008 campaign video as "Sarah Palin Book Tour Crowd." Then, they changed the production script and communication wires got crossed. I can understand - everyone's excited about Palin's new book tour (freak, my roommate and I were in a texting-based squee-fest when I found out she's coming to Salt Lake for a book signing - I probably even mistyped "Facebook" when I texted her from the bus).

This is what I commonly refer to as "LARRY!!" Larry is the idiot tech guy that hides up in the production booth and is prone to inadvertently pressing random buttons that miscue the audio and video at everything from local homecoming queen pageants to the halftime entertainment at professional sporting events and, yes, even nationally televised cable news programs. When something like this happens, I immediately pin the blame on Larry by yelling: "LARRY! Get your finger off the button!!"

Not like they don't edit video to report on Hillary Clinton appearances or anything...



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