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Considering the fact that the Democratic party now expects us girls to vote with our vaginas instead of our brains, I think this ad is timelier now than it was 4 years ago (the video can't be embedded. So you have to go to YouTube to see it)

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This interview is a few years old. But I think it's worth posting here because the host embodies every stereotype we righties associate with smug, liberal douchebags. Seriously, he's so over the top he comes across like a right wing Colbert!

A recent post here got me thinking of a brave, amazing, and all around kick-ass lady named Ayaan Hirsi Ali. If you don't know who she is, this interview is a really good introduction to her and why she is one of the coolest people who will ever exist ever.

EDIT: The video doesn't seem to want to embed here. So here's the direct link to the interview on YouTube.

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The late, great podcast Shire Network News did this parody of a typical Democrat election ad a while back. It think it's worth posting here because it's a fabulous summation of the bizarre, two-faced relationship Democratic men have with the concept of "feminism". Plus, it's funny as hell! XD

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A friend of mine pointed me to this article. It's Entertainment Weekly's review of Pixar's Brave. Well, it's not a "review" so much as a manifesto declaring that the main character is a lesbian because....she refused an arranged marriage and disliked wearing gowns that limited her mobility.
I think it's pretty telling that films starring single females who remain single for the entire film are so rare that, the moment a big studio makes one, everyone (including paid professional reviewers) goes nuts and assumes the girl MUST be gay or sexually confused or whatever.

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Let me preface this by saying that I am not a Romney fan. At all. However, when a moron like Hilary Rosen opens her mouth and says "Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life" because she's a homemaker...well.

Thankfully, Rosen was promptly eaten alive in the media, which has been nice to watch. And certainly Romney had plenty to say for herself. Which leads to this wonderful article:


I'll let you read for yourselves what the author has to say, though I think you'll enjoy it. My takeaway from all this, however, has been my increasing certainty that the only real feminists are conservatives. The fact that there's still the occasional attack on Sarah Palin (who isn't even running for anything and didn't deserve it when she was), Babette Josephs claiming pro-life women are "men with breasts," and now Rosen's comments add up to a disgusting picture of institutionalized misogyny running rampant in the Democratic party. How they managed to sell themselves as pro-women I will never figure out.
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Did y'all hear about Estee Lauder's new ad for their M.A.C. line?

Well, check out the story. - MAC Spokesperson Says: ...little freaked out, intimidated, frightened, right-wing Republican thin-lipped bitch

I watched the video and the line was edited out, but still.

I really hate name-calling in politics, but moreover, I hate how so-called "feminists" go after other women as much, if not more, than anything else they fight.

I also hate the stereotype that we conservative types are prudish, unsexy, and no fun.



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