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So I'm a huge Mass Effect fan, and some people are work were telling me that since I like ME so much, I should watch Battlestar Galactica. Only thing is I guess there are multiple series or something, so I don't know where I should start. I guess I could just ask them, but because of the long weekend I won't be seeing them for awhile and I found out I can watch BSG free on Amazon, so I was hoping there are some ME fans here who have seen BSG and can tell me where to start. Or if you just want to fangirl Mass Effect that would be fine, too (though I haven't gotten the new Leviathan DLC yet). :D
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Er, I mean. Die Hippie, Die!

When South Park first came out in the late 90s everyone in my age bracket thought it was cool because of all the cussing. Being the crotchety old woman that I was at 12, that meant that it clearly must have been a stupid show. I now know better thanks to some kind ladies in this very community. So thanks to Netlfix, I have been marathoning South Park for the last two months.

Not ten minutes ago did I just watch this episode and felt the need to share it with everyone, to maybe pass on to your pro-OWS friends.

South Park Season 9, Ep 2.
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I was wondering how y'all felt about the idea of someone doing a weekly news round-up post? I don't have anything for this week, but I wouldn't mind putting together something, if y'all were interested. Although, I should say, ending abortion is a cause I'm very passionate about so I will probably include at least something on that in each post.

On the fandomy things, I'm just curious what everyone's fandoms are and whether you write fic that you desperately want to pimp out or what your obsession of the moment is and so on. I know this comm seems to mostly focus on politics, but I'm curious about everyone's fandom-selves as well.
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Shot at Fashion Square Mall up in Scottsdale today. If only I hadn't pledged to avoid that mall during Christmas shopping (its a very busy mall on normal days and I hate parking there) I might've been up there as I usually meet a friend and go shopping there on Wednesdays. Anyhoo, a flash mob started singing Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" in an attempt to out-do the first flashmob that went up on YouTube earlier this month (I think the mall was in Canada?) by getting 1,000 people to participate in the event. A local news station leaked the event and so, instead of it being a spontaneous treat for the random shoppers who happened to be at the mall, people drove in from all over to see the event. The guards learned from the California flash mob from a few days ago and closed the walkways over the food court.

Note the shoppers writhing in agony over being exposed to this blatant display of religious sentiment. Oh wait....they looked rather entranced by the lovely and uplifting music, and at the end they applauded. Maybe the PC crowd should rethink their stance?
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I saw the best bumper sticker on the way home today. It said "Hope and Change? YES WE CAN! 1-20-13"
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Heard about this on Bill O'Reilly tonight and decided to look.

It might be just me, but if we want to elect someone with a history of transparency, I would definitely say this is the man for the job. ;)

Check this out *Warning for partial nudity*


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