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This story is about a week old but I didn't see it posted here and it was just too good not to share.

Viviette Applewhite, the 93-year-old woman at the center of a voter-I.D. lawsuit in Pennsylvania was able to obtain her state-issued identification without issue. All she had to do was ride two city buses and present a Medicare card from the 1990s with her information. PennDOT clerks worked with her even though her birth certificate doesn't have the correct information (she was adopted) and her Social Security card was stolen several years ago.

While many on the Left are trying to claim the I.D. was issued so easily this time because she's part of a well-publicized lawsuit, the Philadelphia Inquirer was present when Ms. Applewhite received her identification and stated there was no indication that the clerk was aware of her role in a nationally-publicized lawsuit.

I'm getting sick and tired of the Democratic Party using the elderly and minorities as their scapegoats. Instead of actually trying to help Ms. Applewhite with a simple matter, they immediately jumped on the "voter suppression" bandwagon (which as of late has been heavily weighed-down with bullshit). And now, our "fearless" leader is using the military for the same purpose in Ohio. This is getting ridiculous!
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The late, great podcast Shire Network News did this parody of a typical Democrat election ad a while back. It think it's worth posting here because it's a fabulous summation of the bizarre, two-faced relationship Democratic men have with the concept of "feminism". Plus, it's funny as hell! XD

Audio under the cut..... )
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Will tonight end the march of statism or are we hosed?

As of 6 p.m. PST, the last results reported based on 39% of the precincts:

52% Brown
47% Coakley

It has been rather steady like this since 9% of the precincts have reported and urban areas had low turnouts (as opposed to the huge turnout in the suburbs), not good signs for Marcia Chokely. Howie Carr has already called it for Brown. Even one of the lib analysts on The O'Reilly Factor thinks Brown's got it.
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With the special election coming down the home stretch in Mass. I have noticed an interesting trend beginning on the Far Left; they are advocating that voters stay home in protest of The Leader's failure on the GLBT agenda. This has been especially true amongst the bloggers.
If this takes off and the GLBT vote does not materialize this will also make a win perhaps materialize in Mr. Brown's future on Tuesday.


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