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Such a shame. They had so much in common: She's on the board of the Children's Museum; he likes to throttle children.

(Hilariously, the print version of the Post's report on the separation ended with a completely irrelevant mention that Moran was pro-DADT repeal. That's Post-speak for "Don't worry, fellow Dems, he's still a stand-up guy!")
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As you may or may not know, the Democrats in some of their caucus meetings, earlier this week, had some unkind words to say about President Obama. One of them decided to go full-out F-bomb. I don't think the namecaller has been identified, as of yet, so...

Link: http://www.rollcall.com/news/-201347-1.html

Allahpundit does his usual fine analysis, especially on the tax cut issue, should it be used for 2012:

Link: http://hotair.com/archives/2010/12/09/oh-my-house-dem-drops-f-bomb-on-obama-at-caucus-meeting-on-tax-cuts/

This week, Dennis Prager, in commenting on Aaron Sorkin's profanity-laden diatribe of Sarah Palin, asked, "would we have all this commonplace profanity, if it wasn't for the modern Left?" Extra food for thought for you.

Exit question, via Rush Limbaugh: Limbaugh, in yesterday's show, noted that since the Left has been asserting that any and all criticisms of Obama are based on racism, then aren't the Democrats themselves being racists on this? (I don't believe they are, but their rhetoric tactic ought to be thrown back at them.)
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Okay, so that's a simplification of what the Democrat pundit on the morning news said... it was closer to -

"Democrats have already walked the plank on health care, they should push it through so it's done and then move forward."

Wait, so our Congressional representatives should do something they're being told we don't want them to do because we've already told them we don't want them to do it? This is the idiotic logic of pure politics. Who cares what the people want? If they can't hurt you anymore, do whatever the hell you want.

Anyone else feel this is dangerously close to the logic of dictatorship? "You have no power over me, so I don't care what you say." UGH! I hope Scott Brown hurries into the Senate as fast as he can, and the Republican party needs to pull its act together. NOW.
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I'm starting to dislike my friends' politics even more. It's really hard to be the only Republican in a group of Dems.
Just tonight, I was out with my two girl friends and one of them, the more political one (who happens to be a hop, skip and a jump away from being a card-carrying socialist), asked me if I was going to hole up in my room and cry on Tuesday. Please. I have more dignity than that. I would like to be away from all the Kool-Aid drinkers out there, however, so I might just see about holing up in the woods for the day.
We got to talking about why I don't like Obama (He's smarmy, he's inconsistent, no experience, etc) and they don't let me get a word in edge-wise, and start throwing my words back in my face, but substituting McCain or Bush for Obama.
I realize that Bush might have been a disappointment, but honestly, he DID NOT know 9/11 was going to happen. Mention that bin Laden was practically handed to Clinton on a silver platter and I get, "Well, he wasn't a threat back then." Neither was Hitler during the first world war. (Why didn't I come up with that retort on the spot?! Ack!)
Frankly, I want this whole thing to be over. I was relieved when the election was over, but now all I want is people to calm down about their 'Savior' and for Obama to F up royally (although, he'll probably get a "better luck next time, Champ."), and to prove that he's just a man and not their Messiah.
I'm honestly afraid for our country. I'm afraid what it will mean to be a Republican in our 'Changed' society. People see that we're in a depression, but how quickly they forget that America has been very prosperous the last seven years.
I don't think you can blame everything on the President. I think a lot of America's problems have to do with the American people as a whole, and the fact that people were so decidedly against Bush show what a hateful world we live in. Everyone looks to Kennedy's 'Camelot' as the good ol' days and remembers his speech, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your Country!" We've all seen the clips on the news of those nutjobs saying, "Now I'll never have to pay my house payment/Credit Debt/Student Loan/Car payment again!" They're not asking what they can do for their country. They want to know how much they can suck from the country. I wasn't around in the 60s when Kennedy was president, and I realize that he was a Democrat, but that famous line from his speech sits with me as I realize that people don't believe it anymore, and Obama doesn't believe it at all, otherwise he wouldn't have made those promises.
People are so blind to his charm that they don't see the snake lying underneath. If he had any experience whatsoever, he wouldn't have made so many promises that he can't keep. He's already scaling back because of the recession, and he hasn't even been sworn in.
This country is becoming a joke. Our president takes on lead articles in fan magazines. There are posters of him you can buy at Walmart. Entire stores are devoted to selling T-Shirts and Hats with his likeness on them. It's a freaking circus!
I'm sorry for the rant. I can't post this sort of thing on my own blog. I know too many Kool-Aid drinkers. Although I don't know why they'd bother to read it. They don't listen to my opinions anyway.
Pray for our country. The world is already through with taking us seriously.


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