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I've used the "Local News" heading before, but just to be clear, since this is a blog I'm going to be using it to refer to internet news. LJ being DDoSed by Russians again, 4Chan DDoSing business websites (there's been a lot of DDoSing going around lately), stuff like that.

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Yay, the first round-up! I've been wanting to do something like this for a while, so I appreciate that you are all giving me the chance to. Since I've been gathering up news headlines throughout the week, I've placed the date each article was added to the post after the headline. Stuff I think is particularly important or interesting, will have bolded headlines regardless of the date added. Beneath each headline I will sum up the major thrust of the article, possibly in a humorous manner, in one or two sentences.

Suggestions are totally welcome. News sources you'd like to see in future posts, new categories, things you think aren't covered very well, all that good stuff.

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In the old time, desperate housewives (ha!ha!) of alcoholics would go around the town pubs and beg owners not to to sell booth to their husbands. It would be nice to start a country-wide petition calling on China not to lend our government money.


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