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It has become obvious that there are "members" of this community who are here only for trolling and grabbing screenshots of comments to locked posts in communities and websites to "tattle" about how "evil" and closed minded we are here at TheRightFangirl.

The person has been banned and as usual anyone else found in violation will also be removed.

To those who disagree with TRF's politics, I have been very gracious as a mod to allow you to be here. I have gone against members here to stand up for your freedom to be a part of the discussion...so for you to do this in "my house" is childish and immature. Like seriously? I stopped tattling in the 3rd grade. If your friends want to be apart of the civil discussion they can come see it for themselves. Stop being a coward and an idiot.

All memberships from now until further notice must be approved by me. There will also be a membership purge coming soon since we need to shed some of this dead weight.

Btw: I hate using the "wtf?" Tag for mod posts...So I promise the next time I post, no "wtf?" Tag will be attached lol.
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Since this is an election season I've been expecting an influx of activity in the community and I am so excited that things are finally starting to rev up again. Two reminders to keep the peace so we all have a great time in the upcoming months:

  • When creating a post, please use the tag system so we can keep our posts organized. There are a lot of great resources posted so keeping them tidy for later use is appreciated. If any tags are needed, please let me know and I will create them.

  • I have received complaints about a few new members who are not conservatives or anywhere on the "right" scale. Now, while I do not have a problem with discussions where opinions differ on issues, if civility is lost and trolling occurs, the user(s) will no longer have access to the community. As our user information clearly states:

    We welcome anyone who calls herself a conservative and a fangirl...If you have come to "correct" our posters, "enlighten" us to facts, or otherwise engage us in debate, you are not welcome.

    Go to [livejournal.com profile] ontd_political or [livejournal.com profile] debate if you are not going to remain civil and harass/heckle/bait those you disagree with. This goes for everyone irregardless of political leanings. As of yet I am not going to ban anyone since some of the discussions are valid, but from this point on there will be no tolerance for obnoxiousness and baiting. This community is a "safe place" for consevatives as the userinfo clearly says. If you want to engage in debate or banter, you can do it elsewhere.

    Thanks for reading and Keep Calm, Breitbart expects us to carry on!! ;)
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    A few announcements just to allow you all to be informed members! I know with the Christmas holidays some may have missed a few things, so this is an overview just in case you missed it!

    + Please go wish [livejournal.com profile] sopdetly farewell (here) and thank her for all that she has done for this community. Her presence will be greatly missed.

    + My introduction and feedback posts.

    + I will be posting a new "Summon a Mod" post in a few moments so I can be notified if you all see any problems. (My "moderating" will be similar to [livejournal.com profile] sopdetly's --- self ruling and me only stepping in when needed.)

    + A tagging system has been added to the community. It's not a requirement for posting, but it would be awesome if you could tag your entries as you post them. (A few of you have already begun doing this. Thank you!)

    + I am interested in temporarily taking on a few moderators to help with tagging all of the posts in this community as well as placing popular entries into the Memories. So if you think you are up to the task, please send me an LJ message. :)

    + We have a new community layout! :D
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    Hi All! I am Esther, (aka [livejournal.com profile] modernelegance). Even though I know I have gotten to know a few of you, I thought I should make an official introduction and tell you some of my expectations for the (immediate) future of this community.

    I will not be making many changes (right now) other than cosmetically (layout/userinfo) to start. I will also instate a tagging system and placing formerly popular posts in the memories. That way things will be a little more organized and easy to find. I also hope to encourage more community interaction (since we are all awesome people!) so a friending meme and community census will be posted so we can get to know each other more.

    I do want to use this opportunity to gain ideas and feedback from you all. What are your expectations for this community? Are there any changes you would like to see made? I am open and will consider any suggestions you all have. :)

    Happy Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas to you all!
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    Let me put it to you even more plainly, if that post has too many big words:

    This community is for us to be us. It's not for you to fact-check us and enlighten us and debate us. It is for us to rant about shit that we see from the left and talk about the variations within our own party and to squee about fangirly things. We are not here to be "fair and balanced" with you on the left.


    We do not screen membership, but I have a list of people I am really close to banning. Consider this a warning for:
    -- [livejournal.com profile] jonathankorman
    -- [livejournal.com profile] langostino
    -- [livejournal.com profile] telemann
    -- [livejournal.com profile] lafinjack -- BANNED as of 9/1
    -- [livejournal.com profile] la0wai

    And [livejournal.com profile] new_wave_witch, you're new in my vision so you're not on warning yet, but given that you're a member of the same comm those other shit-stirrers are, I won't need much to put you on the list, too.

    I suggest you consider your membership here carefully. If you are a member just so you can read all the posts and go back to your little secret-club hole to mock us, fine. If that's how you get your rocks off, I sure won't tell you to stop. I prefer smutty slash fic, but bein' different's what makes the world go 'round.

    But if you are here so you can create drama and show us how much smarter you liberals are and everything, then just leave, okay? Save me the effort of banning your asses.

    Right-wing members: Do us all a favor and ignore these people if they try to get you riled. If it's your post, you are welcome to screen any posts you like. (We don't recommend deleting just to avoid finger-pointing tantrums in our PM inboxes that have no proof of anything.) If someone is getting particularly out of line, then Summon A Mod and tell us exactly what is going on and where. Don't assume we're just passively watching everything unfold.
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    When I spotted the 100+ comments on the post about the "Ground Zero Mosque", I figured I should peek in there. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I saw that it has grown to such a size because of a few non-right-wing characters who think that this is [livejournal.com profile] debate.

    THIS COMM IS NOT [livejournal.com profile] debate. NOR IS IT [livejournal.com profile] conservatism. OR ANY OTHER REGULAR POLITICAL COMM.

    This comm was created as a place where right-wing fanfolks could talk politics and not be forced to listen to left-wing yammering, as we have have to do practically everywhere else in fandom. It is not meant to encourage debate between the sides. I hesitate to call it a "safe space", but people don't join this comm to get the kind of arguments that you are providing in that post (and perhaps others of which I am unaware).

    I'm not calling you trolls, and I am not (at this time) banning anyone. We do have open membership, and I know that there are less-incendiary liberals watching who either just want to laugh quietly to themselves or honestly want to understand our POVs.

    But I want it clear that if you have come to "correct" our posters, "enlighten" us to facts, or otherwise engage us in debate, you are not welcome. (This goes doubly for those who I see are members of a comm whose purpose seems to be to bitch about right-wingers. Do your bitching there, don't bring it here.)

    There are plenty of other places where your debate is welcome, and the mods here at TRF respectfully ask that you keep it there and out of this comm. The vast majority of us are right-wing here and we have enough difference in opinion on issues to keep things lively enough without having to defend our positions to the left-wing.

    Thank you.

    ETA: I know at some point in the history of this comm, there was verbiage similar to this in spirit in the comm's userinfo. At some point it was removed, but this comm was never not intended to be this kind of place. I have added some of this back to the post to make that more clear. If you came here genuinely under the impression that good-natured debate was welcome, I hope you will respect this clarification.

    ETA 2: And if you're not even a member and you come in a week later to bitch about the purpose of this comm, you're banned. Simple as that.
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    There are currently two mods for [livejournal.com profile] therightfangirl. Our main purpose is for broad actions, such as:
    -- Spam deletion
    -- Troll detection/banning/deletion
    -- Major issues involving multiple members
    -- Rule/guideline clarification and enforcement

    We expect and encourage members to consider themselves all granted some power of calling people out on behaviors unbecoming nice fangirls and fanboys. If things escalate, feel free to summon the mods, but if it's small, don't hesitate to (politely) say, "Hey, don't be a jerk", or "Can you please add a cut?" or whatever else may be needed.

    To help with understanding what is and isn't expected on this comm, we've put together some rules and guidelines for you.

    No Tolerance Policies: These things will get you banned.
    A. Discussion of assassination. "I was just joking" is not an excuse. Don't bring that level of hate into this community. The mods do ask that members report this kind of talk to us immediately.

    B. Trolls. No second chances. Again, the mods ask for the community's help in reporting these members and their posts/comments so we can get rid of them immediately. (See 2b below as well.)


    1. Posting Guidelines
    This is a comm for discussion of both politics and fandom. We don't really want to make specific rules about what can/can't be posted, but it is important to remember that this is a comm and not your personal journal, and that posts should be made with the purpose of informing the membership or generating discussion. Posts that are more personal in nature may not receive the same response from the community, and posts that are clearly spam will be deleted without warning.

    1a. When making posts, general LJ posting etiquette is highly recommended. This includes using LJ-cuts for posts with lots of text or multimedia additions (video or graphics), using default fonts and text sizes, and using basic HTML for formatting links. If your post is easy to read, then people are more likely to read it!

    1b. Posts are public by default, and you are encouraged to leave them unlocked. We want to make it easy for like-minded people to see what we're about and make the decision to join. However, if you feel that you are more comfortable locking your posts, that is permitted. Mod posts will generally be locked if they deal specifically with the current membership.

    1c. If you have a post that by its nature requests the attention of the entire community's membership (i.e., polls, friending memes, etc.), please contact the mods before posting. We want to a) make sure we don't have something similar already planned, b) make sure it's not something that was done in the not-too-distant past, and c) see if your idea could be expanded further and made even more awesome. It's a bummer when you try something like this and get a poor response, so we just want to help ensure that you will get the response you'd like.

    2. Comment & Discussion Guidelines
    As per a community-wide poll in November 2008, the comm does not allow anonymous commenting, and automatically screens comments from non-members. Mods are not in charge of deciding to unscreen posts—this is 100% up to the original poster. Members are encouraged to unscreen any polite comments received (even if they disagree), but it is not a requirement. If you are a commenter and get a screened comment in reply, please ask the OP to consider unscreening it. If the OP wishes to unscreen impolite/trollish replies, then that's on their head.

    2a. The mods are not mediators. We aren't here to make people stop having a different opinion than you. Just because Someone Is Wrong on the Internet doesn't mean you have to correct them. However, if a discussion turns abusive, you may certainly let us know.

    2b. If an obvious troll gets in the dungeon, the encouraged response is to ignore it. Contact the mods to make sure we are aware of the breach so we can delete/ban as needed, but the best thing to do is leave it be. Feeding the trolls just means more will come for our tasty treats.

    3. Other Conduct Guidelines
    The mods are mods here and here only. We will not punish legitimate members (i.e., non-trolls) for actions elsewhere online. However, we do ask that if you engage in wankery elsewhere that you do not come back here to recruit help/brag about it/etc. We do not want this comm to end up looking like the crazy-trolling-VRWC-hub where all of our evil trolling deeds are planned. Likewise, if people wish to use this space to complain about a situation elsewhere, we request that no one else go to the source and say, "So I heard about this at therightfangirl..." and then make trouble. If this is to be a safe space for right-wing fen to escape the more liberal areas of fandom, we need to protect ourselves; if people are going to hate us, it should be for our beliefs alone, and not how we comport ourselves in the rest of the online world.

    3a. If you feel you could use some polite help in articulating your point elsewhere, that is perfectly fine to request here.

    3b. If you are not a member and think we're all idiots for our political beliefs, we respectfully request that you close out of this window and get on with your life.

    A Good Thing To Remember
    While in general we all consider ourselves to be some form of right-wing, the exact beliefs of the membership can vary widely, from strict religious social conservatism to more socially lenient small-government libertarianism, and everything else in between. We do ask that members respect each other for these differences and that the "RINO" accusations are kept at a minimum. Respect does not equal agreement, of course, and we also will not require that anyone must change their minds on any particular subject or even leave their minds open to be changed. Everyone comes here to feel safe, not to engage in debate.

    This post remains unlocked for non-members to review, and comments are turned off because these things are not up for discussion, as we consider them to really be common sense. Since the community has grown to over 500 members, however, we've found that on occassion, it's good to have common sense spelled out.
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    Okay, it's not as dramatic as all that. But a while ago I put out a call for volunteers for a co-mod, and I'm finally getting off my butt to make the lucky winner an actual mod and give you all the head's up.

    So say hello again to [livejournal.com profile] ninepointfivemm, this time as my co-mod! She's been around basically since the start of this comm, and I have full faith in her ability to maintain the style of small government modding that I've tried to keep consistent around here.

    The benefit to you, our beloved members? She's available during the day when I am chained to a desk, and later at night when I am getting my Z's. We'll have up a new way of contacting us for y'all soon; worst case, you can always PM us as well.

    I'll let her introduce herself in her own words, too, but I just didn't want y'all to wonder what was up.

    Thanks gang!


    Nov. 5th, 2008 07:53 am
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    I didn't think I'd have to say something like this here, but apparently this is not the case.

    Folks, like it or not, Barack Obama will be our next president. I understand that a lot of people here feel this is a very bad thing, possibly country-destoryingly bad. But I will not tolerate seeing the support of the idea of assassination.

    No tolerance.

    From here on out, if I see that kind of support (whether it comes in the form of "someone should" or "I won't wish it, but if it happened I would be glad") on this community, the person who said it will be banned.

    I refuse to let this community fall to the levels of everything that we have been driven nuts by in the last 8 years -- everything that has inspired the need for this community in the first place.

    I'm hoping this is not a necessary rule in the long run, but in the first moments, when we are still hurting from the defeat, I know it can be easy to lash out. Reign it in, and don't go this far. If you need to, then you also need to find another outlet for your anger.

    ETA, 7:40pm: Looks like the person who made the remark has since deleted her post, her clarifying/apologizing comment in this post, and left the community. I consider that particular matter settled, and going forward I will continue with the instant banning rule as described above.


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