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He breaks my heart.

I'm wondering if it's time he and his family just left the UK and came to America. I'm not sure there's much hope for Europe as a whole anymore. The battle is relentless. If you think the liberals in America are bad, in Europe it seems they COMPLETELY own the culture, much more so than even in America. They are destroying anyone and everyone who will not bow to the gods of Political Correctness, especially when it comes to speaking the truth about the death cult of Islam.

Pray for his strength and for his  family. He's out on bail now, but it's far from over.

They will not rest until they destroy his family and completely break him. I don't know how much more one man can stand.

ETA:  My stupid browser decided to freeze and I had to reboot as I was typing this. You can also donate to his legal defense. We so often feel we can't do much to change things. Here's something tangible, practical, useful that you can do. I work barely part time and I still donated $5.00.

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